Strava Metro are hosting their first ever Global Bike to Work Day. They’re asking their users to upload a ride on May 10th that starts in one place and ends in another and will result in the user completing the commuting challenge.

More than five million rides and runs are uploaded to Strava each week, and in cities, the majority of these activities are commutes. These activities have created trillions of data points on where people actually ride, run and walk in cities.

In 2014, Strava launched a data service called Strava Metro. Since then, Metro has worked with over 70 organisations around the world to understand how more than a half-million bicyclists and pedestrians choose to navigate through cities.

Each of these organisations is using the anonymized data to understand the general flow of people across their streets over time.

Strava have provided some additional information in relation to the challenge whereby it starts and ends based on each athlete’s local time zone.

Manual entries, trainer rides, or rides marked private will not count towards your Challenge effort and all activities logged during the Challenge period must be uploaded to Strava no later than three days after the Challenge ends.


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