Raging driver uses car to try and stop cyclist

This incident occurred January 19th at approximately 3 PM in Madison in the state of Wisconsin. The driver can be seen driving from a side road and it appears he didn't see the cyclist as he started to make the left turn before the cyclist had passed. Once the turn was made the driver, despite the road being clear...

And this is why you put those rubber plugs into the end of your bars.. NSFW

14 stitches later and mountain bike rider Josh Lewis will now be checking all his bikes for bar plugs! Thankfully he made it to a medical center and is now nursing his wounds. A video posted by Josh Lewis (@loosedoglewis) on Dec 7, 2016 at 10:34am PST

Minivan cuts corner hitting group of cyclists head on

This group of cyclists were on a road descent near Sonora in California when they encountered a minivan coming in the opposite direction. The van had cut the apex of a blind corner and with little time to react the van directly hits two of the cyclist who in turn brought down the other riders. The driver did remain...

Riding a 3″ handrail with a 200m drop to one side

Fabio Wibmer took his bike to one of the highest dams in Europe in Koelnbreinsperre in Austria to create his video for the "GoPro of the world contest". His video involves him riding his bike up on to the hand railing and across the dam with a massive 200 meter drop to one side. To make things more sketchy...

Great BMX versus MTB battle in a skatepark

Sam Pilgrim takes his mountain bike to the skatepark and challenges BMX'er James Jones to 'The Flair Challenge' to see which bike was best. They start off on the bigger ramps and end up taking it to a ridiculous level on the tiniest hips.

Trail Dog Versus Mountain Bike

Mountain bike rider Jeff Brines takes his dog Tucker out on the trails to shred some gnar. They hit the trails in Mill Creek, Wyoming last week and the resulting spin looks awesome. Check out their video below.

The right way to photograph your bike

If you're ever going to sell your bike then knowing how to make it look its best in photos can add real value and garner lots of interest in your sweet ride. The guys over on Pinned TV let us in on some of the trade secrets to get that professional look and the great news is that it doesn't...

Stunning video of Revenge at Red Bull Rampage 2016

Tucked in the hills of Virgin, Utah stands the mecca of freeride mountainbike events, Red Bull Rampage. Riders spend 8 daunting days building an entire run down a brand new venue, with only the rider and 2 builders for a team to make it all happen. Watch as these athletes take on the beast and compete for the coveted...

On board with Gee Atherton for his full run at the Redbull Foxhunt

History was made as the fox, Gee Atherton, finished in second position and gained a place on the podium for the first time after managing to pass 399 riders in the five minute run in Rostervor. The victorious Colin Ross took first place for the third time in the events five year history.

Motoring TV presenter Quentin Willson gets caught out lying on Twitter

Quentin Willson is an English TV presenter, motoring journalist, and former car dealer, and is better known as a presenter of the motoring programmes Britain's Worst Driver, Fifth Gear, and the original version of Top Gear. In a recent tweet he posted a photo of a new two lane cycle way with the title "Great new cycle lane but...

How to ‘skitch’ in New York

So what is a skitch? "It is a word made up of two words, skate and hitch. It is basically hitching a ride while doing some form of skating. A person grabs onto the back bumper or fender of a vehicle and will be pulled along on an object. The most common objects people do this with are...

Three Peaks 2016 – A short film about a unique cyclocross race

The Three Peaks Cyclocross race is dubbed by the organisers as the "hardest cyclo-cross race in the world". Instead of racing laps, the riders tackle the three peaks of Ingleborough, Whernside and Pen-y-ghent, in North Yorkshire, England. The race which was first organised in 1961 takes place on the last weekend of September has increased in distance over the years....

Dangerous close pass on cyclist followed by driving on the footpath and verbal abuse

Thames Valley Police are looking for the driver of a Silver Yamaha R6, registration W351JBU in relation to an incident with a cyclist at 15.25 hrs Fri 12.8.16 at Northumberland Ave/Hartland Rd in Reading. The registered owner had recently sold the vehicle and the police would like to speak to this rider on suspicion of careless driving and public order...

Is this new live streaming bike computer, GPS and camera combo the ultimate bike accessory?

Xplova is a subsidiary of Acer computers and is launching it's new X5 cycling computer this month. As well as all the normal functions you expect from a bike computer it comes with host of really neat features all combined into one unit. Up front is a 120-degree wide-angle camera, supporting HD-quality filming will automatically activate and record those big...


Enduro recognised as an official discipline by Cycling Ireland

Cycling Ireland has announced that a proposal has been ratified which will see Enduro added to the list of disciplines officially recognised by the...


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