A video uploaded to LiveLeak recently highlights the danger posed from individuals wearing headphones whereby a cyclist collides with a runner who turns into the path of the cyclist after not hearing a warning shout.

Text at the start of the video explains the back ground to the incident: “Commuting home on 5/12/2016, when a runner wearing headphones decides to randomly turn left and cross the path. I say (not loud enough) “On your left”, he can’t hear me, then BOOM.”

It’s unclear as to the extent of the injuries of either the cyclist or the runner after the collision but one of the individuals can be heard screaming in pain after the crash.

The cyclist then posts the following message at the end of the video: “Don’t be a douche like this guy. If you are running with headphones on, realize that you need to be extra aware. Especially when making random f***ing turns.”


  1. Oh yeah! Had a new piece of hardware added to my arm after just such a collision. I shout at those suckers way in advance and repeatedly as I pass now. They can get over any hurt feelings easier than I got over that shattered arm.

  2. It’s bad design – you just can’t mix cyclists and pedestrians and that’s that. That lane is either for cyclists or pedestrians, but it can’t be for both.

  3. Both are at fault, runner should have checked before turning into the path of the cyclist and the cyclist should have slowed up instead of coming up at speed on left hand side. I don’t subscribe to people wearing ear phones whilst out running in public places. The cyclist was aware of the posssible danger ie.the call out but could have slow up too..

  4. I agree with Derek Duggan in that cyclists and pedestrians should ideally have different spaces. But on many greenways especially along disused rail lines both will use the 3m or 4m wide tracks. Wisest to have a loud bell on a bike (yes even racers!) and approach pedestrians and joggers while assuming they may do something sudden / unpredictable / daft as in the case above… Hope both are OK.

  5. This is not a problem of headphones. The cyclist should have adjusted his speed to that of the pedestrian. This is the law in Canada. And this is also common sense. Even if the runner was illegally running on a bicycle path.

  6. Both at fault, I think. Runner had his ears plugged, not situationally aware. Should have looked over his shoulder before turning.

    Bike rider is moving at speed. He should have slowed down – max time he would’ve lost is 5 seconds.

  7. There was I thinking that this is a cycling enthusiast site.
    You all are WRONG. That dimwit (runner) was on the right hand of the path.
    The cyclist overtook him on the other side of the path.
    The runner made a mistake.

    The RUNNER was AT FAULT. Why should you ride at a pedestrian pace every time you overtake them?


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