There is nothing more infuriating then a driver who wants to get passed you even though you are going the same speed as the rest of the traffic. This driver was not only doing that she was also driving dangerously close to the cyclist and taking risks into oncoming traffic.

The rider in the video is using three cameras to record his ride, forward facing bike mount, rear facing bike mount and a helmet cam. In another upload GPS data is overlaid and it shows the cyclist is doing average 29mph during the incident.

When they approach the junction she finally sees her chance and overtakes the astonished rider narrowly avoiding a traffic island and cuts off the cyclist from going into the right lane.


  1. Holistically, we should consider the root causes of this driver’s impatience and frustrations, not simply punish him by forced and probably reluctant learning that he will naturally feel hostile towards. We need culture change from both directions … one that appreciates we can all be in a blinkered hurry at some point.

  2. Yeah…. the biker is obviously agressive cause he can be cleaned out by that Retard and weeks in hospital when all driver learns is how much to fix a scratch. why did he leave him with mirrors.

  3. What about a kiss and a hug as well Doug?

    Drivers like this are no different to a drunk thug coming at you with a broken glass because you looked at his bird funny.
    What drives like this are doing is tantamount to attempt murder, wake up!

    Take their license away and never give it back.

  4. I don’t think education plays a part at all, they know they shouldn’t do it.
    It boils down to impatience and/or aggression, with no respect for life.
    These people need to be taken into the woods and shot in the back of the head.
    Do that a few times and people might take notice.

  5. I do a small bit of cycling myself and have come across this type motorist and indeed worse whilst out on the road but not all drivers misbehave towards cyclists. The cyclist will always come off second best and we intend to forget this when we get irrate at someone who has cut us off or made some other move that threatened our safety. The cyclist in the video really should have eased up and let the car past if he was concerned about their poor driving. No point in being dead on arrival or badly mashed up just to prove a point.

  6. You have to wonder why that car thought they needed to get past the cyclist. The cyclist was obviously not slowing them down. Had they gotten past the cyclist, they would still have been behind the car that was not going faster than the cyclist. The cyclist was at least smart enough to not move over which would have give the driver the idea it was safe to pass in the same lane.

  7. They are off their tits, we had this this afternoon in Regents Park, forcing his way through as he approached a traffic island and then having to stop his attack because of an oncoming car. The screaming from him was to use our lane, were were safely negotiating the road, in the end he was 30 seconds in front of. The police don’t do their job in relation to anything, not just road law. Everything is to be avoided if possible, they only ever take the easy conviction, the drivers know this well, society is corrupt and ths is the outcome, simple!!

  8. There will be a lot of drivers who watch this will come away wondering what the driver did wrong. THAT is the problem we are up against. For some a cyclist is a pest that they HAVE to overtake regardless of the road situation so they attempt to pass without realising that they are risking the cyclists life or if they know what they are doing they just don’t care.

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