The spectator who caused Loren Rowney to crash in last Thursday’s Molecaten Drenthe 8 race in the Netherlands has spoken to the organisers. The incident resulted in a broken collarbone for Rowney.

This is the video of the crash.

The race organiser, Femmy van Issum said that the man had come forward on Saturday afternoon to discuss the incident.

“Contrary to the thoughts of many people,” van Issum told, “the man himself was unaware of what had happened. He was like the other spectators enthusiastically clapping on the signs. At the time of the incident he called his son and tugged at his coat. That probably made him stick out his arm. You can see on the photos also that he does not look at the riders. The man did not realise until this afternoon that he was the cause of the fall.”

“It was only when his son showed him the images this afternoon, which until then the son had not even suspected that it was his father, did the man come to the realisation that he has caused the fall.”

Van Issum said that the man in question said that there was absolutely no question that it had been a conscious action and has pledged to cooperate fully with the organisers. “Next Monday we meet him and his son in a hotel and we will discuss the case with the insurance company.”


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