We posted an article earlier about a petition which was launched looking for “Cyclists to hold insurance to use public UK roads”

The petition was launched by Owen McDermott who was also looking for cyclists to pay “road tax” and obtain a driving licence.

Based on the comments below the petition, there was a backlash against this proposal from numerous cyclists. Now another petition has been set up to counter the original petition.

The new petition is called: “A petition against Owens petition Cyclists to hold insurance to use public” and was launched by Samantha Howard in Liverpool.

She describes her petition as follows:

“Owen mcDermot needs to go back and read the Highway Code I want to petition against his petition as vulnerable road users we should be treated with the same respect as other vehicles.

Most of the people that signed his petition are cyclists so they could put negative comments.”

This petition will be delivered to: Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party
Theresa May MP

The new petition can be signed here: https://www.change.org/p/theresa-may-mp-a-petition-against-owens-petition-cyclists-to-hold-insurance-to-use-public


  1. I think she wanted to give people somewhere to comment on Owen’s petition. People were signing Owen’s petition making it look like a lot more people support d it just to they could leave …..funny/ rude coments

  2. A bike rider in the uk should have to carry a minimum of third party insurance cover, if they want to ride on a public road in the uk, also cycle helmets and working lights and hi viz vests should be mandatory on public roads and should be an offence not to have working. The police need to be more active in stopping these in my opinion nut jobs to check ownership and insurance details and cycles should be impounded if these basic requirments are not met. For to long now cycle riders have got away with blue murder on our roads, its about time they like all other road users were made more accountable for their actions.

    • The BBC reported there were about 560,000 untaxed cars in 2015, the Guardian reported that there are over 1 million uninsured cars in the UK, 30 per cent of drivers admit to using a handheld mobile phone behind the wheel, but surely taxpayers’ money is better spent on fining cyclists…

    • Funny enough virtually all deaths on the roads have been caused by motor vehicles so who’s getting away with murder”? I assume you’ll be fine with paying for the extra Council and Police resources that would be needed to implement your “ideas” and with Police officers spending their time impounding children’s bikes for having no insurance? Working lights ARE mandatory during lighting up hours.

    • Sorry if you take offence to my comments but no body should be let loose on public roads without a basic cover of insurance, Yes cycle riders are being killed the main reason is down to the pillocks dont wear hi viz vests, crash helmets , and have bloody lights working on there death traps THATS BLOODY WHY PROVE ME WRONG. SUMBITCH

    • I did issue a challenge yesterday but my post seems to have been removed, possibly because of the truth. Here goes again have a sit in your city or town center between 5.30 and 7 pm any day of the week, and count the amount of cycle riders not taking any notice of road regulations, not wearing hi viz vests, not wearing a crads helmet, riding on the pavments, and not forgetting the classic one having no warning lights on the cycle. If its actually an offence to ride a bike after dark without lights, why are not these people being fined, if i drove through the city center after dark with no lights on i would expect my collar felt by the local plod. AND THEY WONDER WHY CYCLE RIDERS GET KILLED ON OUR ROADS. Doh

    • Let me see now… mechanically sound bicycle check, helmet check, hi viz check, suitable lights check, british cycling membership check, third party liability check, car on the drive and vehicle excise duty paid check, eyes tested and glasses worn check, mobile phone switched off in back pocket for emergencies check, headphones at home check, helmet on check. Ready to go out on my bike now.

    • Ha i had an idiot on a cycle he had the bike riders customery i pod head phones strapped to his lug holes, back three weeks ago in grangtown cardiff 7.45 pm came straight off a curb at a corner of penarth rd and corperation rd against a red traffic light dressed in black and no bloody lights on his death trap. It was a good job i had my wits about me because the nut job nearly had 1.2 ton of 4×4 shoved up his arse as luck would have it there was no traffic behind me as i would have been shunted up the rear doing an emergency stop stupid bastard. AND THEY WONDER WHY THEY GET KILLED. Doh

    • I shall just add to my comment above that will be the second time this has happend to me in 15 months at the same road junction. Im not in any way knocking the cycle riders that have the sence to get the kit and have good road sence, good luck to them its the idiots thats creating the problems for all road users including cycle riders.

    • And responsible cyclists would fully agree with you. Unfortunately there are idiots riding cycles, driving cars and in every other part of life. Everytime i go out riding i risk being killed by some idiot on his mobile phone or who might think it fun to close pass or overtake when there isnt room or punish or abuse me just because i choose to be driving on his road and holding up his journey for ten seconds. You make a mistake, I’m dead. Nearly all motorists are friendly courteous and sensible. But It only takes one

    • Michael i agree with your comment 100% problem today is drivers as well as cycle riders think they can multi task and thats where the problems begin mobile phones in my opinion should carry a thousand pound fine for a first offence and a ban of two years maybe then drivers will stop using the bloody things, if i see a cycle rider i always give plenty of room overtaking and pedestrians and cycle riders have priority at all times that was drummed into me back in 1971 by my driving instructor if your out on your cycle stay safe.


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