NRPT have announced that and Iveagh Gym will be the main sponsors for the 2016 season. The Irish broadband company also sponsored the team in 2015 and their continued commitment reflects their interest in the sport.

The team also sees the return of Skoda who have provided the team with a Skoda Octavia estate for the year. New sponsors are Planet X bikes IRL, RED Sport, VeloDoc/Carbon Tec and UK based BLOC Eyewear. The team is also supported by long term partners Velotec and Trinity Sports Management.

Philip Finegan the manager of NRPT said: “This year we are particularly delighted to partner with ‘A lust for Life’. While NRPT works on the competitive aspect of youth in sport, ‘A lust for life ‘ enables young people to get involved in sport and thus promotes both physical and mental well being. Niall Breslin founded A Lust for Life and he is very enthusiastic about the partnership.”

The team this year includes Nicolas Roche’s brother Alexis. Alexis also rode for NRPT in 2015 as did Jake Gray, Adam Stenson, Cameron McIntyre, Dion Mc Carthy, Emily Birchall & Jennifer Neenan. Luke Smith, Aaron Kearney, Marc Heaney, Tom Knight & Shauna McFadden are new to the team.

“The team consists of some of the most talented young cyclists in Ireland,” added Finegan. “The experience received at international events is the most valuable. The dynamics change. It’s no longer about whether you can be the best in your region or your country. It’s an international stage and success depends on team work.”

“NRPT had three international wins last year and performed very well overall on the international stage. The fact that these athletes learn this at such an early age is very important. We can see them growing in confidence.”

“Team Principal, Nicolas Roche is very supportive of the team and he shows his generosity and commitment towards developing cycling in Ireland.”

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