This group of Australian cyclists were out on a group ride when they spotted horse riders ahead coming the opposite way on the grass verge. In order to reduce the chance of spooking the horses the riders signaled that there was an obstacle ahead and the group moved out from the verge towards the middle of the road.

Unbelievably the car that was following took this as an opportunity to undertake the cyclists. At this point having passed the horses the group was moving back to the side of the road just as the undertaking car was making its move. This forced the car to swerve off the road just missing the cyclists.

It is a major misconception that cycling in single file makes it easier for cars to overtake. When overtaking a group of riders in single file the car needs to be over the white line for twice as long. In this region of Australia the law pertaining to cyclists says that “You may ride two abreast but not more than 1.5 meters apart.”


  1. Hi I’m a cyclist and this video is shocking. I was just wondering though why the cyclists aren’t riding in a single file?


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