Well-known UCD CC members Anthony Walsh and Ciarán Ó Conluain have won the GSK App Challenge 2014 at the Appys in November, which gives them an app development package worth €40,000 from ProductFitter.com and a €10,000 PR and media package from Digital Times.

The award was for their PocketCoach app which builds a profile of the user through the utilisation of basic data such as age, available training time and current athlete goals. It then takes into account how the individual is reacting to the training by observing ride performance data such as heart rate, power and perceived exertion.

Walsh told businessandleadership.com that “PocketCoach is aimed at those who previously thought cycle coaching was out of reach because it was too expensive and too time consuming. By lowering the barrier to entry to cycle coaching, the we believe PocketCoach will help millions of people around the world reach their cycling goals in a fun, creative, social and powerful way.”

Ó Conluain said after the announcement: “There are many GPS tracking apps for cycling, running and other sports, but there are none that offer customised training plans that give the user a real one-on-one coaching experience and the benefits this creates. The competitive and leisure cycling market is estimated at 120 million people so our aim is to become a truly global App, with millions of regular users. Winning the GSK App Challenge is a wonderful boost for us and will encourage us to go further and dream bigger.”


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