The incident happened last August in Edinburgh but the footage wasn’t uploaded due to the impending court case.

After a close pass on the cyclist the the pair exchanged words and continued on their travels.

It wasn’t till a few minutes later that the cyclist rounded a corner to find the taxi man out of his car in the middle of the road with his fists raised.

As the cyclist pulls up the driver swings at the cyclist landing at least one punch.

The cyclist called the police and the footage was used to successfully prosecute the taxi driver who received 9 points on his license, the most that can be given for a careless driving offence, and was fined £360 plus court costs.

The driver pleaded guilty in court and was charged with one charge of careless driving and a charge of Assault.

So i guess the Judge looked on it pretty seriously to give him 9 points as that is the most that can be given for a careless driving offence.


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