3M is expanding its previous focus on Belgium and the Netherlands to include riders from the UK and Ireland next season. In addition to adding another five riders to form a 20-strong team, Team3M will be competing in more races across the four countries. ‘We are very excited about the success of Team3M and are delighted to be expanding the team into the UK and Ireland,” said Paul Keel, managing director of 3M UK and Ireland. “Cycling as a sport has become hugely popular in the UK and Ireland so increasing our investment in promoting the sport in these countries makes perfect sense.

On the cycling front, we have several local riders who will strengthen the squad and from a commercial perspective 3M is excited to broaden its affiliation with the sport.” The team’s commitment to developing talented riders is reflected in its slogan – Making Progress Possible – and since it was formed two years ago it has brought great results. Its riders shared around 80 podiums in 2014 and achieved twice as many wins as the year before. As well as improved race performance, the power output measurement of the team’s riders has shown a significant increase during the year. Bernard Moerman, the team’s general manager, added: -This has everything to do with the programme we offer – riding the right races gives each of the riders the opportunity to develop and grow.”The tremendous progress that Team3M has made is a good reason to stay on the current course and continue with our five-year plan.”

British rider Elliot Porter and Ireland’s Jack Sadler have become the first from the two countries to join the team. Several Dutch and Belgian cyclists will stay with Team3M in 2015. Among them, Michael Vingerling, who recently finished second in the pro race Arnhem-Veenendaal. Dutch rider Vingerling will be riding his third year with Team3M, together with Belgian talents Jimmy Janssens and Christophe Sleurs, who have also already signed to stay. Team3M will continue to have Cannondale as its bike sponsor and Riposte for the team’s kit.


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