A number of riders were injured at the recent Illinois State Crit Championships after suffering blow outs caused by thumb tacks on the course.

A video of the incident was posted by YouTube user Patrick Murphy who said: “Crash in the 2016 Illinois state crit championship, held in Bloomington IL. We found thumb tacks in the corner after we had gotten up, I also had one in my front wheel. Not sure if they were the cause of the crash but know for a fact they were intentionally placed there to do harm.”

One of the injured riders posted a photo on the Bike BloNo Facebook page showing bad cuts and bruises on both hands with the comment: “This is what can happen when an a$$hole throws thumbtacks on a bicycle race course. We hope the City of Bloomington – Police investigates this act that put bicyclists’ lives in danger at the Bloomington Criterium.”

The injured rider went on to confirm that “a sizable handful” of thumb tacks were found on the road and that a number of riders were taken to hospital.

Another post states that the police are “working with local businesses to get all of the camera footage they can possibly find. They really want to nab the culprit and throw the book at them.”


  1. This ghoulish person hates himself/herself more than he/she hates those racing. Remember, this kind of hatred is debilitating to the one who harbors it. In a way, I feel bad for this person.

  2. There are people that could care less about the well being of fellow man. They are egocentric to the point that having any sort impact on others lives is the goal. Whether the impact is negative or positive is irrelevant. Anonymous fame is still fame even if only to self.


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