Following on from the massive crash at the end of today’s stage of the Tour of Qatar, a number of riders have criticised race organisers and the UCI over the lack of barriers at the finish.

The crash happened as the riders were winding up their sprint finish. Within the last few hundred metres, the bunch split with riders going either side of a traffic island.

It seems that there were no barriers at the traffic island directing the riders as to which way to go. It’s unclear from the footage what caused it but there was a touch of wheels soon after which brought down quite a few riders.

Afterwards, a number of riders voiced their criticism of the race organisers and the UCI including Irish rider Matt Brammeier who tweeted: “Come on @UCI_cycling @cpacycling this is taking the piss. Give organisers some mandatory guidelines for final 3km!”

Matt Brammeier Qatar

BMC’s Brent Bookwalter was also critical of the race organisers as he tweeted: “Have we learned nothing? More negligence from race org. Resulting in riders hurt. @cpacycling @UCI_cycling”

Brent Bookwalter

Roompot’s Barry Markus emerged worst from the crash as he has been diagnosed with a broken collarbone having been transferred to hospital afterwards.