Recently retired Belgian rider, Nick Nuyens, has spoken out about his treatment by former Garmin team.

He told De Standaard “I don’t like to throw mud at anyone, but what I experienced during my last two seasons was enough.”

“Last year, when I had heart problems, I found out that they had already seen in the US that my heartbeat sometimes fluctuated. They thought it was the equipment. In the period of my heart surgery, none of the team bothered to inform me of my state. Garmin has given me a slap.”

Nuyens revealed that he had been close to signing for Team Sky for 2015, but unfortunately, it didn’t come to fruition due to the uncertainty surrounding Brad Wiggins’ future. He had also been in talks with Neri Sottoli. However, the former Tour of Flanders winner said, “Eventually I was left with nothing and had to say goodbye in a disappointing way.”


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