A new bike path has opened in Bristol which is a contender for Britain’s worst. The path sees cyclists having to dodge trees and lampposts every few metres.

The path has been painted onto the pavement to allow cyclists to travel in the direction of oncoming traffic.

A Bristol City Council spokesperson told The Bristol Post: “The cycle lines in Nelson Street are temporary because the work on the other side of the road has narrowed the width of the one-way carriageway. The original cycle lane will be reinstated once the work has been completed. It is not an ideal situation but we are monitoring the operation closely during the development work.

“These types of segregated cycle paths are intended to make cycling safer however there will always be times when a bit of common sense is needed. We always advise that cyclists travel at a speed that is appropriate for a shared path and that they take heed of pedestrians and other path users. We hope that all cyclists bear this in mind as they travel throughout the city.”