The following update regarding licence requirements for the  Irish National Cyclocross Championships has been provided by the event organisers.

Irish National Cyclocross Championships 2015

Is it necessary to have a 2015 licence to race in the nationals you ask?
– Competitors will be required to present their 2015 licence at sign on on the 11th. It will not be necessary to have the actual plastic licence. We will accept a print out of the pdf licence that CI provide in the email that is sent out once you have paid your CI fee and completed the licence application
– Registration for the CX Nationals Champs closes on Sunday 4th January. While online registration has a field for licence numbers it is not necessary to have your 2015 licence number to complete the registration. Competitors who do not have their 2015 licence number should just put in their 2014 number or a dummy licence number.

So get signed up for the nationals before Sunday 4th and then you have until Sunday 11th to get your licence sorted out.