By Mick Leonard

I think a lot of people were a bit nervous starting today. No crosswinds today but a KOH 7k in had the potential to do some serious damage. The bunch didn’t go too crazy on it but it was difficult enough all the same for me anyway, and I’m pretty sure for others too.

There was a split forming on it and I got to the right side of the gap and was happy to get over the KOH in the bunch. Like all cyclists though, my Spidey senses were tingling, every rider seems to know when they’re at the very back of the bunch.

There was a good bit of piano today but it wouldn’t be the Rás without lineouts through towns and villages and out of corners and you need to get on that wheel quickly. Coming up to the second KOH lads were getting nervous again as could be seen by bidons being ditched left, right and centre.

One in particular was bouncing across the road and back like a green shell in Mario kart. I was happy to get past that one. It wasn’t all steady though as I was caught behind a crash and really had to bury it to get back on. #fullgas as Ronan would say.

I tried to close the gap myself but started to blow, with the fear of timecuts weighing down on me. They’re never far away. Thankfully I managed to jump into a group and we worked well to get back on.

The last KOH took me out though. I absolutely blew a gasket. It was so so warm going at full tilt with the sun beating down, even with the Jersey open. I asked for a bottle of water from the Velorevolution car and emptied it all over myself, it was such a relief (I made sure to check it wasn’t an energy mix beforehand!). As the lads gave it to me they shouted “empty it on yourself like a pro!” Pretty funny.

Two days to go now until we roll into Skerries….




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