Thames Valley Police are looking for the driver of a Silver Yamaha R6, registration W351JBU in relation to an incident with a cyclist at 15.25 hrs Fri 12.8.16 at Northumberland Ave/Hartland Rd in Reading.

The registered owner had recently sold the vehicle and the police would like to speak to this rider on suspicion of careless driving and public order offences. If anyone has any information about the rider or the whereabouts of the vehicle please contact Thames Valley Police quoting Crime Number 43160223664. The other motorbike, a black Kawasaki ‘Ninja’, NK06AKN, registers as untaxed.


  1. At first, I thought it was something in the US, but I see it’s actually in the UK somewhere. I know I’m painting a stereotype here but it’s been my experience the people that ride rice rockets have no respect for speed limits, other drivers, and especially bicyclists. Stay as far away from these guys as you can.

  2. same problems with similar types of people all over the western world. In the East cyclists, motorcycles, cars, taxi’s buses all get along cos there so much traffic everyone is going nowhere slowly.

  3. “I’ve passed my test”……..not riding a motorcycle like that you tool….you could hear it revving hard before the incident…….looks like a 30mph area to me…….I can normally find some fault of the cyclist, but this guy was exemplary……well done for keeping your composure.


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