Oleg Tinkov has recently been interviewed by Bloomberg TV, and discusses amongst other things, Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama and cycling.

When asked as to whether his team is clean, Tinkov responds, “I never, ever had any doping cases on my team. None, zero, nil.”

This is said despite Michael Rogers having tested positive last year. Rogers tested positive after winning the 2013 edition of the Japan Cup. The UCI, after a lengthy process accepted the possibility of food contamination and, although he was stripped of the race result, Rogers was not sanctioned further.

Also, in June of this year, the team led by Bjarne Riis announced that Roman Kreuziger was being temporarily suspended from racing after the UCI questioned abnormalities in his biological passport. Kreuziger has also admitted to working with Michele Ferrari.

Tinkov goes to on to talk about the possible effect that sanctions against Russia might have on the Tinkoff-Saxo team. You can view the interview here: