The Government in Tasmania has launched a new ad campaign to highlight passing recommendations when overtaking cyclists.

In February of this year the they introduced new rules for motorists when passing or overtaking a cyclist which would allow a motorist to straddle or cross a continuous centre line in order to leave a safe space between their vehicle and the cyclist, when it is safe to do so.

This means to pass a cyclist safely, a driver can cross:

a single continuous line;
a single continuous line with a broken line on the left or right, or;
double continuous lines.
A safe space is considered to be 1 metre between the motorist and the cyclist on roads up to and including 60km/h, and 1.5 metres on roads above 60 km/h.

To support the changes, new yellow advisory signage with the message “pass cyclists safely” has been rolled out along popular cycling routes.

Information video on how to pass a cyclist safely.


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