El Pais have reported that a growing number of mountain bikers in Spain have fallen victim to booby traps being left on mountain bike trails.

Amongst the victims have been 57 year old Manuel Fernandez who was leading a group of friends downhill in Asturias when he smashed against a length of barbed wire strung between two trees. He has been left permanently scarred.

In various instances, it’s believed that barbed wire is put up by shepherds to prevent their flocks from wandering off. However, there have been situations where farmers have set traps to prevent cyclists from going on trails through their land.

In another more serious situation, another cyclist Diego, was left paraplegic, after crashing into a rock on a descent. A judge in Vigo, investigating the case, is investigating four people in connection with the incident. “The rock that Diego hit wasn’t put there by just one person,” Victor Tarodo, vice president of the International Mountain Bike Association said, “At least three people were needed to move it.”

Numerous other riders have also encountered boards with nails on trails.


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