Luxury car manufacturer Bugatti have designed a new bike – the PG Bugatti Bike – which they describe as the “lightest special urban bike in the world” and its yours to buy for USD$39,000.

The bike weighs less than 5 kilograms and has been developed in conjunction with PG in Regensburg, Germany and manufactured by Kußmaul.

Production of the PG Bugatti which is more than 95% carbon fibre will be limited to just 667 bikes worldwide with the possibility for each bike being “individually tailored.”

The producers of the bike have also said that: “The special bike is a piece of sports equipment which is not intended to be used on public roads.”

Other features of the bike are that the handlebars are equipped with shock absorbers to substantially improve comfort and all carbon components are handcrafted using prepreg materials and methods otherwise found only in the motor sport and aeronautic industries in order to guarantee the lightest weight and highest rigidity possible.


PG have also stated that: “Upon request, customers of the supercar builder can have their bicycles matched to their own Bugattis. Special paints, carbon in various colours, numerous types of leather and, of course, the Bugatti pearl oval make the Bugatti bike the perfect supplement for the 1,500 PS dream car.”


  1. I my city of Newcastle you would lock the Bugatti up outside the supermarket and the meth heads would have the $ 2.00 lock cut in 5 seconds and the bike would be listed on gumtree for sale at $200.00 or nearest offer !!!!


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