There is nothing sweeter than this. After an altercation where the passenger in the van offered to take the girl for a drink, and asked her was she ‘on her period’ and ‘what charm school did she go to’… and then telling to get her ‘Get Mum and Dad to get their money back’ She took things into her own hands and went after them.

Fast forward and she chased them down and ripped the mirror off the van. Go girl. Hopefully the van driver and his mate will be named and shamed for this.


  1. Not one for violence, in fact I think there is always a better way to resolve disputes but yeah… I can see why she was driven to it and hopefully her actions have actually taught these guys a lesson! Never start on someone else, you do not know how mad they can be.

  2. no man should ever say that to a female trust me you only get what you deserve when you do been there and learnt the hard way good on her though ,maybe next time he will think before putting big mouth in it lol

  3. the van passenger / driver are out of order and could well be reported for harassing the woman but she is the one who has committed a criminal act of vandalism and will no doubt end up being prosecuted – you can’t take the law into your own hands no matter how much you want to or feel it is appropriate. It would be absolute chaos everywhere if we condoned such behaviour.

    • what a wing mirror he probably fixed in 5 mins after a visit to the scrappy? there is no justice for anyone in this video – there is an exert of 2 guys acting like misogynist pricks and a woman reacting completely inappropriately to it.

    • I dunno Brendan, I’d say it was a reasonably appropriate reaction. If I was spoken to and pawed the way she was, I think I’d likely react the same way. Men ‘chatting up’ women in that way are NOT trying to be charming, they’re deliberately intimidating them. For what reason, who knows. But it’s quite common and it’s totally vile. I get what you say about criminal damage but I guess these guys might now think twice about doing the same thing again…

    • Although I don’t know how it started, they can be seen clearly grabbing her and trying to block her from getting away, moving the van forward and being extremely provocative. If I was on the bike, that arm would have been snapped in half, not just the mirror.

    • Examine for a minute the alternative recourse to justice this young lady had. In the most unlikely event it ever got to Court can you imagine her account being taken more seriously than these morons being represented by a legal aid parasite solicitor and the usual character assassination. She’d leave the Court even more violated. Her response was proportionate and the punishment fitted the crime. If you can’t do the time don’t do the crime! The Law is a ass – absolutely nothing to do with justice.

    • I think she was fairly restrained – she only damaged the vehicle, not the occupants. She didn’t set about them and she easily could have tried.

      I’d say that violence to another person is only okay in extreme self defence. If she’d tried to harm them, I don’t think I’d be sticking up for her…

    • Actually, her trying to cycle away and someone trying to grab / stop her would give adequate defence for her to claim she acted in self defence, had she smashed his face with the mirror in the first few seconds. Obviously not after they drove off of course 🙂

    • The simple fact is everyone was out of order. Ripping the mirror off makes the van dangerous to other road users. The driver despite being a disgusting pig now can’t see what’s behind him on the right and more importantly can’t see other cyclists who are passing on the right

  4. Watched the video… They got what they deserved. Too many ‘blokes in a van’ think they can make these sort of comments ‘cos it’s banter’. It’s not. It’s degrading, and she responded in the only way they’d understand. Fair play, Miss!!

  5. What a strong bitch, fair play to her upper body conditioning! I’m glad it was a dude on a motorbike who called them scum and told them they got what they deserved. They need to hear it from other male motorists.

  6. She was probably terrified – not only the intimidation of van vs bike, they cornered her, grabbed her, (physical assault right there), & verbally abused her.
    I hope this vid has been seen by the police & they bring assault charges on the men & get a prosecution!!

  7. Appreciate what you are saying Noanie and I hope no one thinks I’m defending the misogynist pricks in the van I just don’t think ripping a wing mirror off an old transit in any way helps or should be condoned. I cycle every day.

    • The thing is ripping the wing mirror off makes the van dangerous to other road users including other cyclists. While I agree the guys in the van were way out of order. The cyclists just endangered a whole load more people. The other thing is if it was 2 women in the van and a male cyclists. Everyone would be slagging off the cyclists. Women can be just as crude and insulting

    • Alex Devlin If genders were swapped in this situation it would still be assault, only idiots would laugh about it. Why are you invalidating this woman being assaulted by saying women could do it too? It doesnt change the fact that this is a physical assault whichever sex is on the receiving end.

    • I’m not invalidating anything. It’s the way of the world. Men get battered by their wives. All you hear about are women getting battered. It’s wrong which ever way. But men are generally told to man up. If it was a male cyclists he should man up. Bullshit! The men in the van were way out of order but 2 wrongs don’t make a right. Especially when it endangers everyone else on the road

    • it’s a bloody disgrace, what is wrong with people, why must people feel the need to treat others so poorly just because they pay rego. The men in the van should be strung up by their balls, never to breath oxygen again.

  8. it’s a bloody disgrace, what is wrong with people, why must people feel the need to treat others so poorly just because they pay rego. The men in the van should be strung up by their balls, never to breath oxygen again.

  9. Well done …notice…these bastards are all way in pairs…on their own…in public they are pathetic cowards … (unless in an alley with no witness…were these animals are deadly)…Muslim “men” are no better…RESPECT WOMAN…

  10. I hope they have to explain to their boss why the work van is damaged. And lets hope the boss has seen the video first. That would be a great conversation to see, assuming the boos isn’t just like them of course.

  11. So no one thinks ripping the wing mirror off the van just made the van dangerous to other road users including other cyclists. Before you all start giving me hate I’m not condoning the blokes in the van they were bang out of order. But now the driver can’t see what’s passing him on the right

  12. Whatever they shouted that Woman committed criminal damage. A man would of targeted the men and not the mirror, whatever they said to her. The men couldn’t hit a Woman and Women play on this. They are very violent people. I am a cyclist and triathlete, who cycles 20 miles to work/an back and trains more miles on my bikes. Make her pay for the damage. Yes I do hate most drivers that hate cyclists.

  13. At the first in in encounter it’s clearly the van in the wrong, he’s pulled into the cycle lane area of the road, she’s is where she’s supposed to be. However I think she’s a bit quick to respond with lashing out (folding the van mirror in) considering she’s in such a strong arguing position given the van is in the cycle area. A simple (you’re in the cycle lane dick head, watch where you’re going) would have been enough. I think the guys in the van were trying to defend their indefensible position by just hurling insults, but her resorting to physically means so quickly is not advisable, if she’d had been man in that situation there is a good chance he’d have been punched at that first altercation for responding to words with physicality.

    Her then chasing the van and ripped the wing mirror off is simply an act of criminal damage and revenge, regardless off what happened prior she was no longer in any danger or under any threat, she chased them and actively destroyed thier property. Also, shed not wearing a helmet but that’s not really relevant.


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