The 2020 Eurocycles Eurobaby Junior Tour which had been scheduled to take place from the 14th to 19th of July in County Clare has been cancelled due to the current global pandemic with Covid-19.

“This type of decision is never an easy one to take but considering the nature of what is taking place globally and how the fight against Covid-19 is being managed in each country, there is too much uncertainty surrounding a timeline for the conclusion of the pandemic,” said race organiser Alice Sherratt.

“Therefore, we are not prepared to risk the health and wellbeing of our teams and our volunteers at any stage in 2020 as a safe, risk free environment associated with hosting a multi day international stage race cannot be guaranteed. The race against Covid-19 isn’t over until we cross the finish line and we have a confirmed result.

“We would like to thank our sponsors and partners for their continued support throughout and look forward to working with you all in 2021. We wish all of the cycling community and the volunteers of our sport good health to you
and your families and to stay safe during these extraordinary times by respecting public health advice and look forward to returning to the start line in County Clare in July 2021.”


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