UAE Team Emirates staff have participated in a safe driving course organised by Mitsubishi Italia who have supplied the team’s fleet over the past number of years.

The course took place at the Tazio Nuvolari di Cervesina Circuit in Pavia where the team’s drivers were instructed on emergency and preventative braking procedures, how to manage over-steering and swerving, drift and controlling a vehicle when there is minimal friction.

The topics presented were to simulate the possible situations drivers might face when supporting a race or while driving a car under normal circumstances.

Team Manager Giuseppe Saronni emphasised how valuable the driving lesson was: “We’d like to thank our partner, Mitsubishi, for organising a practical event that contributes fundamentally to the professional development of our Sports Directors.

“During the day, our technicians received important knowledge that can be used to manage any type of driving situation during a race and guarantee maximum safety for the riders. They also developed a higher capacity to manage a vehicle during ordinary circulation, beyond the context of a race.

“Working in professional cycling, we have the chance to offer positive examples and raise awareness among drivers to respect a safe coexistence between cars and bikes. Safety is extremely important to us; this is why we hope that today’s event can expand and be adopted by many other players in the world of cycling.”


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