Ramunas Navardauskas (Bahrain-MERIDA) has undergone surgery for cardiac arrhythmia which the medical team have said went well. The Lithuanian rider was operated on in Deutsche Herzzentrum München in Munich.

Dr Carlo Guardascione, Medical Staff of team Bahrain Merida described the treatment after receiving medical results for Navardauskas.

“The surgery went very well,” said Dr. Guardascione. “The problem was localised in sinoatral node. He feels good and he can leave the clinic today or tomorrow, depending on whether he completes the final medical tests.

“As post operative care he will take anticoagulants for 6/8 weeks. During this time, he can continue training indoors, thereafter he will do further medical tests and strength tests to understand whether he is completely recovered from the cardiac arrhythmia”.

After the surgery, Navardauskas said: “I am feeling well and recovering in the best way possible thanks to the medical staff of the Herzzentrum clinic of Muchen who have been fantastic to me and I would like to thank everyone from my team, especially the medical staff for their great support and help”.

General Manager of Bahrain-Merida Brent Copeland commented: “We are very pleased that the operation has gone so well. Now it is just a matter of a few weeks to get the outcome of the results. It has been a difficult year for Ramunas and we at Bahrain Merida have definitely felt his missed presence at many races.

“Ramunas is one of the most important riders for our team roster. He is one of the hardest workers in the peloton and we certainly looking forward to his return after he recovers completely. Thank you to our team’s medical staff for all the attentive details they always invest into our athletes which to us at Bahrain Merida is considered a huge importance”


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