A protest being held against the influx of African immigrants into Europe spilled over and disrupted the world cup urban downhill in Bratislava yesterday. Bernardo Cruz’s run was interrupted when he descended a flight of steps only to find a mob running on to the course. A gang of about 300, most in hoods and masks were in the courtyard of the Bratislava Castle which was part of the course. They knocked down barriers and assaulted various members of the public.

In the live TV coverage a cameraman is assaulted by one of the rioters. “Police immediately intervened and began to displace a group of troublemakers while a total of 25 people detained,” a spokeswoman Regional Police Directorate in Bratislava, Tatiana Kurucová.

A further 25 people were detained by police in the Old Town streets where the perpetrators damaged six official police vehicles. “Shortly before 18.00 there was also an attack on police officers who thrown cobblestone hit in the thigh,” said Kurucová.

Go-Pro footage of the run


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