Dublin Fire Brigade have posted a photo on their Twitter account showing a badly damaged bike which they have said was caused by a bike charger going on fire.

Thankfully though, the fire set off a smoke alarm which warned those in the household. Dublin Fire Brigade haven’t provided any more details on where the incident took place.

Their post reads: “A bike charger fire overnight, smoke alarm alerted the household. Always check chargers. Smoke alarms protect you.”

However, some respondents to the post have said that the bike appears to be a regular bike which has been modified to be an electric bike rather than an off-the-shelf electric bike.

Photo: @DubFireBrigade
Photo: @DubFireBrigade


    • Nah, e-bikes are great! Beware of low quality crap, though, and always monitor charging equipment. E-bikes are fun and better than a moped in a lot of ways. People deserve cheap and light transportation. if you don’t have to go far, you can save a lot vs. using a car.


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