Claudia Brückner took a trip to Berlin and looked at the cities cycling policy in some detail to see what the city had planned for cyclists.

While the city has a cycling plan which included creating a survey for cyclists to find out which hot spots in the city needed most attention she concluded that two years after the survey took place very little had changed in the top twenty trouble areas bar one.

Another astonishing fact was that the budget for cycling infrastructure wasn’t being spent and there was less and less spent over the years despite the budget increasing.

Another area of concern was with the new bicycle mounted police who were tasked with making the city safer for cyclists. In their first year they only made 12 recommendations to improve safety. A typical commuter in most cities could probably point out 12 areas on their way to work and different 12 on their way home. Fines handed out to cyclists also rocketed while car drivers fines relating to cyclists were minuscule by comparison.



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