A Canadian cycling campaign group – Cycling PEI (Prince Edward Island) – is looking for the use of lights in daytime to be made mandatory for cyclists in Prince Edward Island.

Executive director of Cycling PEI, Mike Connolly, says that the daytime use of lights would make cyclists more visible during the day.

“The number-one priority for cyclists is to be visible and the flashing, white light will help,” Connolly told CBC. “We strongly recommend for cyclists’ own safety that they adopt the white light, especially for daytime running.”

The recommendation was made during a recent meeting with officials the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal.

The current Highway Traffic Act of the province requires that all cyclists should have a white light and a red flashing light for night-time driving, however, there is no requirement for the use of daytime lights.

Graham Miner, the safety director for the Department of Highways, said that the proposal is “an interesting, and probably not a bad idea. I guess the rule of thumb is always see and be seen. The possibility of maybe having a little flashing light just to catch your attention as a motorist might be quite a good idea to use. It is under review.”


  1. Have done this for years when commuting all year round and still alive (so far !)
    Get some funny comments in summer, “you’ve left your lights on pal”, yup, that’s the plan


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