Following on from the announcement that 68 out of 399 Campagnolo workers of the Vicenza plant will be laid-off, mainly in the manufacturing areas, workers decided to go on strike.

In 2005, the company founded in Vicenza in 1933 by Tullio Campagnolo, opened its first Romanian plant. The second facility followed four years ago. Part of the production was relocated to low labour cost Romania.

The company announced a reorganisation which would involve additional production moving to Romania.

According to a statement from Campagnolo, the reorganisation is inevitable to ensure production continuity on the Vicenza site, which also houses the Group’s R&D and all activities related to the development of new products and the implementation of new technologies. “The plan aims to recover market shares and margins that have eroded in recent years, due to the declined competitiveness of our Italian facilities. For the future, the company wants to focus on innovation and product development. Thanks to future investments Campagnolo firmly declares the continuation of some production departments like for high-end components, in Vicenza.”

The trade union representing the workers objected to the plan, not only for the loss of jobs and partial demolition of the historical site of Campagnolo, but also because, “It does not include any real intention to invest to make the Vicenza plants more efficient and increase its competitiveness, in order to face the new challenges of the global market,” as the press release of the Italian trade union stated.


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