So here are some of the features your €8.565,00 will get you.  Please note though if you want the marine version for your boat in the South of France expect to pay €10.120,00 to make sure it doesn’t corrode with the sea air.

  • Colors: Full Carbon Black Fiber / Silver Fiber / Purple Fiber
  • Size: h 113,4cm x p 54cm x l 112,2cm
  • Weight: 55 kg
  • Power Supply: 220 V by way of transformer (to recharge only)
  • Epicycloidal transmission by way of dual satellite system
  • Central movement on padding
  • Carbon handlebar with adjustable tilt
  • Carbon saddle with alcantara adjustable to four positions (adjustment setting: 15mm, total range 21cm)
  • Touch screen display for adjusting to 12 resistance levels
  • Wheel mass: 5Kg
  • Maximum weight of user: 130Kg

According to the manufacturers “Ciclotte is a stationary bike with a carbon dress and a unique character: studied also for the 5 spinning positions, Ciclotte’s design has a unique approach to exercising. The rider’s posture, the minimalist design and the appeal of the materials used immediately evoke the sensations of a road race.”

You can buy yours here



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