A video has been posted on YouTube of a road rage incident in London involving a cyclist and a cabbie. The footage was uploaded by Ross Holdsworth yesterday who says: “Speaks for itself. Cabbie overtakes, cuts up cyclist then swears his head off. Piccadilly Circus, roughly 8:20am on Monday 24th October.”

The video shows a cyclist stopped at lights with a cab stopped behind him. As the lights turn green, the cyclist pulls off and the taxi squeezes past him. A thud can be heard before both the taxi driver and cyclist stop.

The driver emerges from the taxi and confronts the cyclist “What you doing, what are you hitting my cab for?”

“You drove into him mate,” says Mr. Holdsworth who filmed the incident.

The taxi driver then in turn responds: “I didn’t drive into no-one. I was coming up here. You f***ing hit me. Pull over here, we’ll call the police.”

Mr. Holdsworth then says: “It’s alright, I’ve got a camera mate.”

The livid driver then responds: “I’ve got a f***ing camera too! You f*** off!”

As Mr. Holdsworth pulls in off the road, he continues filming the incident as the driver continues to shout and swear at the other cyclist.


  1. Cabbie needs to follow the lane. He clearly deviated from the white lines, “encouraging” a reduction of space to other road users. He was clearly wanting an altercation in the middle of the road. Chill out man, the cyclist will be gone from your view – way out in front!

  2. Straight from Central Casting, fat cockney cabbie…..another good reason for independence from that shit hole that is England…….

  3. Verbal abuse, assault with a motor vehicle (it is a thing, anything can be a weapon for the purposes of assault), assault, causing afray. Take the cabby’s licence off him. For life. Not a fit or proper person to hold a taxi licence in any jurisdiction.


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