Brisbane International Airport have recently installed phone-charging stations at the check-in area of the international terminal which requires the user to pedal an exercise bike to get some charge.

The airport is not the first place in the world to install such a system with similar set-ups at Brussels Airport and various train stations throughout Belgium, France and the Netherlands.

The system was developed by WeWatt, a company based in Leuven, Belgium. WeWatt describe their concept in three steps:

1 – Start Cycling – We fight the sitting disease by giving people energizing exercise in their daily life while travelling, working, meeting, reading or just relaxing.

2 – Generate Human Power – We self-power people by turning human kinetic energy into usable power.

3 – Charge and Share – We enjoy and engage people by making them experience our pedal powered tables to charge & share their own energy.

The company also offer various other options such as workstations and an outdoor charging station. They have even developed an App to enable users to monitor information such as energy produced (HumanWh), calories burned (kcal), distance biked (km) and battery status (% of total capacity).

You can find out more information on their website.

Photo: Facebook (Brisbane Airport)
Photo: Facebook (Brisbane Airport)



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