Team Novo Nordisk, the world’s first all-diabetes professional cycling team, recently met with Pope Francis to mark the occasion of World Diabetes Day (November 14),

The team met the Pope at a General Hearing the Pontiff holds each week at the Vatican. The team was represented by CEO & Co-Founder Phil Southerland, Senior Vice President of Athletics Vassili Davidenko and Pro cyclist Javier Megias.

At the meeting, the trio discussed the importance of diabetes awareness and how Team Novo Nordisk is racing to change diabetes. The team presented Pope Franci with a Team Novo Nordisk jersey signed by the pro team.

“Team Novo Nordisk strives to show that diabetes does not have to be an obstacle to pursuing your dreams,” Phil Southerland said. “We are proud to have the privilege to meet the Pope for World Diabetes Day.”

“This will be an incentive for our team to race hard and to bring hope to people living with diabetes, as Pope Francis brings hope to so many around the world.”


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