BRouter is a free web client with a little more under the hood than the apps you currently use such as Google maps.

For starters it has more options than the usual car, foot or bicycle. Users can pick the shortest possible route but this isn’t always the fasted. For this there is ‘Fastbike’ which will often take you over a longer distance but it will get you there faster.  We know Google does give you alternative options but after testing BRouter on commutes in Dublin it has saved minutes off commuting for us and gave us serveral route options Google didn’t even know about.


Another great mode is ‘safety’ mode which avoids busy roads. This option is great for people who are new to commuting or are nervous on busy roads. Each profile also comes with three alternative routes giving you plenty of choice.

Base map options
Base map options

The layering options give you a host of different base maps to use which include OpenStreetMap, OpenTopoMap, Esri World Imagery and a few more.

Also in the layering options are two toggles which will turn on waymarked trails for both cycling and hiking (if they are available in your area)

Try it for yourself and let us know what you think:

Waymarked cycle trails toggle turned on for London



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