Sven Nys may have retired at the end of the 2015-2016 season, but it looks like the Nys name may still appear in results sheets over the forthcoming years as his son Thibau has won an underage national title at the Belgian Championships.

Thibau won the race for Eerstejaars Nieuwilingens (First Year Newcomers) in Ostend today and his father described afterwards how proud he was of his son’s achievement and also highlighted the fact that it was a race that was missing from his own palmares.

“I am very happy,” Thibau Nys told Het Nieuwsblad afterwards. “Obviously I owe a lot to my dad. We have chosen together what tyres I would use here today, what pressure to put in, how I had to ride through the sand, when I would jump off my bike. He taught me everything, I am very grateful for that.”

“Personally, I was never Belgian champion at the newcomers,” said Sven afterwards. “Thibau now realizes this is and that’s fantastic, of course. It is very difficult to express what I feel now. Of course I am proud, but I would also have been proud if he finished in fourth place.”


“He enjoys what he does, he takes pleasure in cycling and that is for me as a father the most important thing. Personally, I was always stressed at championships, I felt the pressure. After my retirement, I thought that was in the past and look, we are a year later and that feeling is back. Thibau though is completely different, he takes it easy and just rides his race. He rode a fantastic race here today and I am a very proud father.”


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