An article today in the Irish Times is highlighting the need to introduce a law which would see drivers having to give 1.5 meters of space between them and a cyclist if they need to overtake them. There has been a strong ongoing campaign by Wexford cyclist Phil Skelton which is based on the Australian campaign which is currently being trialed in Queensland.

Skelton said he “decided to do some research and having lived in Australia for 10 years, was drawn to some campaigns there. With some kind words of encouragement from Dave Sharp of safe cycling Australia and his willingness to assist in whatever way he could, I set up Ireland’s campaign to have 1.5 metres of overtaking space written into Irish law in conjunction with a safety campaign. In line with some overseas campaigns, this comes with a cycling specific safety jersey to help promote the ‘1.5 metres please share the road’ message.”

With the idea now making it into the main stream media hopefully Ireland joins other European countries such as Germany and Spain who have already made this law.

The current law is very vague on this issue saying that a driver ‘should give extra space when overtaking a cyclist’. The ‘Stayin’ Alive at 1.5’ campaign would like to see this change to ‘must give 1.5 meters of space when overtaking a cyclist’.


In the below video we see a very close pass by a motorist as a cyclist is riding from Wexford to Dublin.

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