With the cold temperatures we’ve been seeing in late January and February I needed new winter gloves, my spring/autumn gloves weren’t keeping me warm in the current conditions. Along came a pair of Galibier Elyseé gloves to hopefully solve the problem and keep me warm and comfortable.

I didn’t know anything about the Elyseés when they arrived, and I was expecting to find a standard winter glove made of a modern technical fabric. Imagine my surprise to open the package and find a pair of goatskin leather, fleece lined gloves. These are a seriously neat pair of gloves, and are equally appropriate for an evening in town as they are for a day on the bike. I personally think they’re a 4/5 for looks.(But others may not be into the style at all)

If you want leather gloves to be comfortable after you’ve worn them ten, fifty and a hundred times, they won’t be very comfortable at the start of the first spin. The leather will stretch and shape to your hands over time, so ideally you do want them a little snug at the start. This prevents them becoming baggy over time. On my first spin with them they were a little bit too snug and I could only have scored them a 3/5. However, I’ve now ridden with them for about 10 hours and comfort is very good. I don’t notice them at all. 4/5 (One mark docked to allow room for the further improvement I expect to see)

Galibier rates them at +2deg to +10deg C, I’ve ridden them on the MTB in temperatures ranging from 0deg to +7deg and they have been perfectly warm, without ever causing me to sweat excessively. The fleece lining does a great job of wicking moisture away and keeping your hands dry. On the road bike I’ve used them as cold as +2deg and again they were lovely and warm. A great winter glove for the winter temperatures normally seen in north west Europe, and for me they meet the manufacturers spec. 5/5

Rain Performance
Somehow I’ve managed to avoid any rain this week, so at this stage can’t comment.

Unlike a glove made from a modern technical fabric these can’t just be used and reused with no care taken. If you sweat heavily through the gloves it’s important to wash them to prevent the acid in the sweat eating away at them. You will also need to use a leather balm to “feed” the leather and keep it supple. 3/5

At £28.55 these gloves are less than 20% of the cost of comparable gloves from a well known UK company. I can’t conceive of a glove being twice as good as these let alone five times as good, so in terms of value for money top marks to the Elyseé 5/5.

10153653_732191226863516_7565744683690599540_nAbout the reviewer

Philip Roche has been riding bikes on and off-road for over 20 years.  Currently riding in Ireland which means most days at this time of year he gets to experience four seasons in one day which makes for challenging testing conditions.

For more information visit the Galiber website


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