News emerged today that another of the riders who was set to join Dynamo Cover Pro Cycling for the 2016 season has found a new team. This follows on from yesterday’s announcement that Mark Downey is set to join VC Toucy.

Philip Lavery is set to join the French DN1 squad Team U Nantes Atlantique next season after being recommended to the team by Yann Dejan. The team will be managed next year by Sébastien Cottier and Pascal Dérame (ex pro at US Postal, Gan and Bonjour).

The 25 year-old Irish rider will link up with the team in February where they are set to have a training camp at Saint Brevin les Bains near Nantes.

Team U Nantes Atlantique have strong links to the various French World Tour teams. Amongst the riders who have passed through their ranks in the past number of years are Mikaël Cherel (Ag2R), Jerome Cousin (Europcar), Simon Gerrans (Orica-GreenEdge) and Thomas Voeckler (Europcar)

Sébastien Cottier spoke to Be-Celt about the signing of Lavery.

“When I knew that the Dynamo Cover project would not see the light of day, I immediately thought of Philip Lavery,” said Cottier. “Ok, it’s a gamble but knowing the full rider he is, a puncheur who can climb and win sprints, I don’t think it’s a mistake.”

“We had recruited two South Africans, but they have signed for a pro team and then suddenly we had a place for Philip. He is 25, a solid pro with elite experience and a huge desire to give the best and I had seen him ride when he was at AC Bisontine.”

Philip Lavery: “I’m happy to ride in the colours of Team U Nantes Atlantique. This team has a real history, and they have produced great riders and have been DN1 for many years.”

“In addition, they have a really great calendar and races I really like. For me, wearing the colours of Nantes is a real honour, especially since I have not been racing for a year. I’ve trained well and I want to return the favour.”

“My goals with Team U Nantes Atlantique are simple. Give the best for them, and be there for my teammates. I’m thinking of wins of course, if you join a team without that desire, it is not worth lining up. Nantes is a great team. Now I have learned from my mistaken choices of previous seasons, I know where I’m going now, for me, for my family and for them. Generally, I am a rider who finds his optimum form in April. I can not wait to start.”


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