The Nicolas Roche Performance Team (NRPT) team have been taking part in the French stage race, the Tour des Portes du Pays d’Othe, and they finished the race with a solid top ten for Adam Stenson on the final stage based around Estissac.

The race consisted of an opening road stage of 126 kilometres, followed by a split stage on the the second day. The split stage consisted of a 16 kilometre team time-trial in the morning and a 108 kilometre road stage in the afternoon.

The NRPT team were Michael O’Loughlin, Adam Stenson, Jake Gray, Clement Suire and Alexis Roche. They would face many of the top French junior teams, as well as teams from Luxembourg and Belgium.

The first stage from Bucey-en-Othe to Bercenay-en-Othe was won by Aurélien Doleatto of the Bourg en Bresse team with Jake Gray best of the Irish team, in 30th place, 3’30” behind the winner.

The Luxembourg team won the team time-trial by 7 seconds from the Belgian Enerthern – BKCP team with AC Bisontine in third. The NRPT finished in eighth out of twenty teams. The result of this stage would significantly influence the final GC.

The final stage was won by Marin Joublot-Ferre of the AC Bisontine team, with Adam Stenson taking 9th in the bunch sprint, 10″ behind the winner. Overall victory went to Pit Leyder of the Luxembourg team with Jake Gray best of the Irish team in 27th overall. An interesting name in fourth place was Stefano Museeuw, son of Johan.


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