As part of National Bike Week which is taking place this week, the Road Safety Authority of Ireland (RSA) has unveiled a series of online videos aimed at promoting awareness and safety among cyclists and other road-users.

Using technology to give viewers a 360 degree look at dangerous driving from a cyclist’s point of view, the videos allow the users to ‘look around’ and experience the dangers for themselves.

The first video, ‘1.5 Metre Gap’ demonstrates how drivers should allow at least 1.5m clearance when overtaking a cyclist.

The videos focus on the high risk behaviours that put vulnerable cyclists in danger, such as drivers not allowing enough space when overtaking, opening a car door without checking, or making a left turn when a cyclist is approaching.

As the viewer changes their viewpoint, they can look at the action from another angle, see the dangers and risks of dangerous driving behaviour, and experience the shock that comes with them.

Moyagh Murdock, Chief Executive, Road Safety Authority said: “Cyclists are among our most vulnerable road-users, yet many drivers do not demonstrate enough caution and awareness when sharing the road with cyclists. For example, drivers should allow at least 1.5m clearance when overtaking a cyclist.”

“This will help to ensure that cyclists have enough space if they need to adjust their steering or avoid an obstacle on the road. However, many cyclists tell us that they often feel that they are fighting for space with other vehicles and can feel intimidated and at risk of being hit.”

“These videos allow viewers to experience very real dangers from a cyclist’s perspective and will hopefully make drivers more aware of the need to exercise caution when sharing the roads with vulnerable road-users.”



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