Footage emerged over the weekend of a motorist in Perth, Western Australia reversing towards a group of cyclists.

Paul Evans posted the on-bike footage which was shot in Glen Forrest to his Facebook page yesterday.

Evans provided the caption “My ‪#‎Fly6 captured this road rage incident today in Glen Forrest,” on the video entitled “Land Rover Vs Bike”

In the video, a Land Rover can be seen passing the cyclists in the opposite direction. The driver then stops and starts to reverse towards the group. It then crosses the centre line, nearly forcing one of the riders off the road.

“It was close,” Evans said in comments on the post. “We are all OK. Just lucky as it could have been worse.”

Another member of the group – Ross Drabs said: “He made a definite attempt to run me down. Just minding our own business – who is this clown. I’m worried for the next cyclist he does this to on a lonely stretch of road.”




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