With a population of 779,808, Amsterdam has less people in the city than it has bikes! With over 800,000 bikes there is no shortage of bikes to hire when you go and visit this super cycle friendly city.  Amsterdam continually makes it into the top list of cycling friendly cities and there is no better way to get around than on two wheels.  Bike trips account for some 60% of trips in the inner city and 40% of trips are made by bike in the greater city area.

Bicycle rentals are readily available throughout the city. Central Station, Leidseplein and Dam Square are all major rental hubs. Day rates average 8€ with some multi-day rates as low as €4. Bikes are all well maintained and locks are included. You can also bring the family as equipment for children and other add-ons are also available.

Now that you have decided to see Amsterdam by bike here are some handy tips to do it safely.  A list of bike rental shops can be found here.
How to Cycle Like a Local in Amsterdam

How to Cycle Like a Local in Amsterdam [Infographic] by the team at Cheapflights



  1. They just started doing this kind of thing in my city, and I LOVE it! Amsterdam is so forward-thinking with this kind of bike-friendly mentality. I hope more cities will begin recognizing the benefits and move toward a more bike-friendly community.


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