French amateur cyclist Cyril Fontaine has received a five-year ban from the sport after being caught using a motor in a third-category race in the Dordogne region last year.

The 43 year-old was competing in a race in St-Michel-de-Double and at the finish of the race, his bike was checked. The rider is reported to have raised attention due to the pace he climbed at in a race in Eyzies earlier that week.

The operation was carried out by Fédération Française de Cyclisme (FFC), the French Anti-Doping Agency (AFLD) and legal officials from Périgueux. He admitted using the motor, according to Jean-François Mailhes, a magistrate in Périgueux.

“We were advised by an official of the French Anti-Doping Agency of a suspicion of cheating by means of an electrical system, probably a small engine,” said Mailhes after the discovery.

The disciplinary committee of the FFC notified Fontaine of the ban in January according to Le Figaro.


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