One of the unwritten rules of cycling is that riders do not attack when the race leader stops for a ‘nature break.’

However, at the Giro d’Italia today, it seems that some riders may have ignored this rule and it took Fabian Cancellara to bring them to task.

According to the American rider Chad Haga, Spartacus had to step up and call out an unnamed team for starting to chase the break after Haga’s team-mate and race leader Tom Dumoulin stopped to go to the toilet.

Haga said on Twitter: “Thanks to @f_cancellara, AKA Spartacus the Enforcer for ending the disrespect of the maglia rosa today! Shouts from us mortals didn’t work.”

“The break was long gone and a team attempted to start a chase only seconds after Tom pulled over to pee.”

Chad Haga Tweet


  1. Giro 2017 Lighting strikes twice in the same place !l. Doumoulin in pink takes call of nature , peleton attacks…


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