A YouTube user with the intriguing name “My bicycle masters boardwalk and quagmire with aplomb” has posted a video of an encounter with a Donald Trump supporter.

As the cyclist in the video approaches traffic lights, a man with a Donald Trump sign can be heard speaking with a megaphone. The cyclist has provided subtitles with his video outlining what the man is saying.

He can be heard initially saying: “Vote for Donald Trump, Hilary for prison” before the sound becomes inaudible due to the passing traffic.

The Trump supporter then notices the cyclist as he moves on to the subject of cycling advocacy.

“Let me get your attention real quick,” he says. “Do all of you guys see this guy on a bicycle? See the person on the bicycle? That person, on a bicycle, is a human being. That person….. has people that love him or her”

He then goes on to say: “Bicycles by federal law and state law are considered a vehicle and may use the full lane. You must stay a minimum of 3ft from a cyclist and you cannot pass them in the same lane.”

Just before the cyclist moves on from the lights, the Trump supporter finishes off by saying: “Please remember to slow down and look twice before you turn. Look twice for bicycles and motorcycles on the roadway. Thank you. Let the bicycle go first”


  1. If Donald gets in maybe he can revive the “Tour de Trump.” with some government money. For all the waste, supporting sports can’t be that bad.
    Trump was a supporter of cycling back in the 90s.


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