A mountain biker in England has posted a photo on Facebook of the injury he sustained when he rode into barbed wire in Guisborough Forest in the North-East of the country. The wire had been placed at head height across a cycling trail in the forest.

Trevor Young from Newcastle-upon-Tyne posted the photo of his cut eyelid, and also the barbed wire with the comment “WARNING up in Guisborough woods people, top of concrete road, BARBED WIRE across track, as you can see face height — well for me!!! Got me right on the eyelid and mouth”

There are two official trails in the forest, but the barbed wire had been placed across an unofficial off-piste track that is not on Forestry Commission land.

Mr. Young subsequently posted a comment that he says is from a local councillor, Carl Quartermain. The councillor stated: “I have been up to have a look at lunchtime today but the wire has been removed. The land owner has done this to prevent the bikers from using a footpath.”

Barbed wire ii

It’s not the first time that barbed wire has been found on trails. In September of this year, barbed wire was found strung at neck height on a Canberra nature trail and it’s believed that it was placed there to cause injury to cyclists.

Also, we reported earlier this year that a spate of incidents of booby traps being laid on Spanish mountain bike trails had been reported, and in one such instance, a cyclist was left paraplegic, after crashing into a rock that had been deliberately placed on a descent.


  1. I’m personally against intentionally causing harm to someone, and the current animosity against cyclists has me nervous to ride at times, but isn’t it also our responsibility to not trespass onto other people’s private land? Why not stay on the park trails instead of riding on this guy’s property without permission?


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