If it’s icy where you live and you can’t get out training, maybe this bike is what you need.

ideas2cycles designed a custom bicycle specifically for drifting on ice and snow. The frame is welded from lightweight aluminium alloy tubing and the unique frame geometry gives an optimal weight distribution and handling on slippery surfaces.

The bike is paired with a hand-made spiked tire in the front and a slick tire in the back. The frame weighs 1450 g and is TIG-welded (GTAW) from butted AW 6061 alloy in the U.S.A.

The bike was designed with a geometry that distributes the weight of the rider more on the front wheel and less on the rear wheel.

According to ideas2cycles: “We bolted extra long horizontal fork ends on a regular mountain bike and tried different setups. The most significant effect on handling was experienced when increasing the effective chain stay length. Moving the seat forward had a small effect. Lowering the riding position by flipping the stem and using a flat bar had no noticeable effect on rear wheel grip.”

For more information about “The Drifter” bike, go to http://www.ideas2cycles.com.


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