A man in London has recently posted footage on YouTube, showing a motorist in London reading The Daily Mail while driving. Dave Sherry captured the footage in Leyton, East London on October 27.

Sherry pulls alongside the van while cycling and confronts the driver who can be seen with the newspaper open on his lap. “That’s really safe innit mate? How are you watching the road and reading that? asks Sherry.

It’s the latest in a series of videos uploaded by Sherry and evidence he has produced has resulted in about 70 convictions for motoring offences.

However, he has also come in for a considerable amount of criticism, with some people calling him a vigilante. Sherry is unperturbed though, as he told The Daily Telegraph earlier this year: “I might have a bad reputation as Britain’s most hated cyclist, but so be it. I’m proud of what I do.”



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